Get Rid of Beauty Product Clutter

It’s true. Almost every woman has at least one drawer, cabinet or box overflowing with beauty products – and this can mean a cluttered and outdated routine. This spring, why not get organized and replace tired products with something better!

Sample Broadcast: Hometown Radio Series, Tampa Bay Florida

The Alzheimer’s Association hosted its 27th annual Advocacy Forum from Monday, March 23 to Wednesday, March 25 in Washington, D.C. The forum was a platform for Advocates to raise awareness about the disease and encourage lawmakers to pass legislation that will provide the necessary funding for Alzheimer’s research. Amanda Rittenberry from Ocoee, FL attended the Forum and highlighted what the Alzheimer’s Association is doing to help end the disease. To learn more about Alzheimer’s and get involved, visit

The 2015 Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures Report

According to The Alzheimer’s Association’s 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report, only forty-five percent of people with Alzheimer’s, or their caregivers, reported being told the diagnosis by their doctor. In contrast, more than 90 percent of people with the four most common cancers, or their family, reported being told. Beth Kallmyer, Vice President of Constituent Services for the Alzheimer’s Association has more.


For the second year in a row, ALDI fans have spoken and shared their favorite ALDI -exclusive brand products. From exotic vegetable chips to organic apple juice, smart shoppers have found that switching from national brands to ALDI -exclusive brands can save them up to fifty percent on more than thirteen hundred of the most commonly purchased grocery items.

For Americans, Tax Time is When To Think About Saving Money

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of Americans think of tax time as a time to think about saving money? One way to maximize that return and cut back on expenses is to switch to a no-contract wireless phone plan. Here’s how.

Nick Lachey is the New Spokesperson for Right and Left Twix.

Nick Lachey has signed on to be the spokesperson for peanut butter Left Twix. Lachey will be featured in new print and digital video ads, where he clearly states his preference and passion for peanut butter Left Twix. But wait…Lachey has also agreed to represent peanut butter Right Twix, and will star in video and print ads that showcase his love of peanut butter Right Twix. Listen to more from peanut butter lover Nick Lachey.

Kenny Smith Helps to Refresh Communities Across America

Basketball legend and NBA analyst Kenny Smith is leading the charge for the second year in a row for the Coors Light Full Court reFresh Program by asking basketball fans 21 and older to lend a hand to reFresh their own communities with just a tweet. #fullcourtrefresh #over21