Odds Are Half Of You Have Gum Disease

Nearly 50% of adults 30 and up have some form of periodontal disease, with that number spiking to 65% in adults over 65.

Dr. Wayne Aldridge, President of the American Academy of Periodontology, tells us why a visit to a periodontist should be on your radar.

Kick Off Spring in a New Way and Celebrate Spring Keeping

Kick off spring in a new way and celebrate National Garage Organization month in April.

Everyone knows Spring Cleaning, but Spring Keeping is a new trend that helps you keep the things you might need, while kicking the clutter. Gladiator Garageworks has garage cabinets, shelving, and more to get you organized.

Home improvement expert and Ellen’s design challenge winner on HGTV, Karl Champley, turns Spring Cleaning into Spring Keeping.

Spring Into Your Cleaning This Year

It’s hard to believe, but spring is here! And that means time for a little spring cleaning and spring savings. It’s a great time to re-organize your home or office by tossing out or donating what you don’t need.

The Luck of the Irish for you on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and everyone has a chance to experience the luck of the Irish. Save a pot of gold and celebrate the holiday by staying connected with friends and family with a new Alcatel Pixi Pulsar Smartphone from TracFone.



Use Your Tax Refund Towards Something Special

How long does your tax refund last?  On average, Americans say their tax refunds are gone within 15 weeks.  And those filing this year expect their refund to be gone in just eight weeks if they decide to spend it.  That’s according to a tax time survey by straight talk wireless. Instead of blowing your tax refund and having refund regrets, put your tax refund towards something special.

Don’t Waste Away Your Refund This Year!

It’s tax time, and that means refunds coming your way.  On average, Americans expect to get $1,994 back on this year’s tax returns, according to a tax time survey by straight talk wireless.  But, the survey also shows that 34% of Americans have regrets on how they spent – or didn’t spend their tax refund. You spend a year paying taxes, so why blow your money on something you’ll regret?


Did you know Leap Day is coming up?  That’s right.  Leap Day happens every four years on February 29.  So, the wait is over.  And so is your wait for savings. Everyone loves a deal, and now is a great time to give yourself or your family a way to save.